What’s a Dime Bag? Weed Measurements Explained

How many grams are in a dime bag? How much weed is in an ounce? Let's demystify weed measurements.
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Weed measurements can be highly confusing. With terms like dime bag, dub sack, and half zip, it can feel like a whole new language, especially if you’re new to cannabis culture. 

The cannabis measurement system is confusing because it evolved at a time when cannabis was fully illegal and even more stigmatized than it is today. There was no standardization of price and weight, and slang terms helped keep buyers and sellers secret.

If you’re feeling a little green to the world of weed measurements, read on as we demystify the cannabis measurement system.

A Dime Bag = One Gram or $10

This is the smallest amount of cannabis that is generally available for purchase. Its nickname comes from the price: A $10 bag of weed was usually the cheapest option, but the actual mass you got for that price varied. 

Now, a dime bag is more standardized according to weight, and the price varies according to quality, demand, and whether it’s legal in that state. A dime bag usually means one gram, or 0.035 ounces.

Some dispensaries and shops don’t offer such a small amount of dried flower by itself, but you can still buy in the form of a pre-roll, like this one gram Birthday Cake pre-roll or Purple Punch pre-roll.

A dime bag is a good option for a budget buy, or if you just want enough for a few smokes. But it’s not the most efficient way to buy, and you’ll save more money per gram if you buy larger amounts. Think of it like a bulk discount.

A Nickel Bag = 0.5 Grams or $5

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Finally, clarity on cannabis lingo. A dime bag is one gram or roughly $10 worth of weed. Perfect for a joint.

Before we move up the scale to heftier chunks of cheese, let’s not neglect to mention the nickel bag or nick. This is half of a dime bag, so 0.5 grams of cannabis. It’s just enough for a single smoke and is seldom seen for sale.

You can still find 0.5 grams of cannabis for sale in the form of a pre-roll, like this Pink Acai or Juicy Melon. This amount is a great way to try out a new strain or treat yourself to a top-shelf smoke without having to fork out for a big bag.

A Dub Sack = Two Grams or $20

This one is pretty straightforward: It’s double the size of a dime bag, known as a dub. Like dime bags, the exact weight and price have varied, but it’s mostly accepted as two grams. The price will depend on legal factors and quality.

This amount is good for two to four smokes, depending on how thick you roll.

An Eighth = ⅛ Ounce or 3.5 Grams

Now we’re talking. Eighths are commonly sold by dispensaries and provide about a week’s supply, such as this 3.5-gram Rainbow Kush Indica. It should yield around seven smokes.

From here on up, common measurements for cannabis get more reliable as they’re based on weight in ounces or grams. This amount is also the threshold where buyers will start to get better value for their money.

A Quarter = ¼ Ounce or Seven Grams

Also known as a Q or a quad, this is a solid bag of bud. It should yield around 14 average-sized joints. This amount is ideal for slightly heavier users or those who want their supply to last a while.

It’s readily available at cannabis shops and dispensaries, such as this seven-gram jar of Panda Cake hybrid.

A Half = ½ Ounce or 14 Grams

This is for the serious smoker. It’s also commonly referred to as half an O or half a zip, and should be good for around 28 joints. At this weight, you should be getting great value for money.

If you’re buying this amount of cannabis or more, we recommend you take a look at how to store it so it stays fresh all the way to the last nug.

An Ounce = 28 Grams

This is the most cannabis you’re legally allowed to possess at any time as an individual in California. It’s also known as a full O or a zip, possibly in reference to Zip-loc bags used as storage.

An ounce may not sound like a lot, but when we’re talking about dried flower, this amounts to roughly the size of a coconut. It’s not for the novice smoker! A full O is a suitable purchase for a frequent smoker, for sharing with friends, or to use for extracting oil or baking lots of edibles at home. 

Weed Measurement Slang Isn’t Too Complicated

Weed measurements may seem confusing at first, but dispensaries are standardizing measurements and making them more accessible for those who aren’t familiar with the slang. Now that you’re better acquainted with weed measurements, you’ll feel more confident next time you place an order.


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