Visit Long Beach: Your Guide to Weed Along the Waterfront

Cannabis delivery to Long Beach California is perfect for visiting. Stroll the ocean, get adventurous, and pair everything with a sativa, indica or other cannabis treat.
July 21, 2021
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Are you planning a visit to Long Beach? iI’s often said that Long Beach is California’s playground, so why not up the entertainment by pairing your next trip with Long Beach with a few cannabis-infused treats? 

Cannabis delivery in Long Beach is alive and well and makes a visit that much more appealing.

We’ve created a list of adventures along the beautiful Long Beach waterfront, all with a tasty cannabis treat:

  • Active Activities with a Sativa
  • Leisure Options with an Indica
  • Restaurants, When the Munchies Hit

Hot Tip: Plan Your Cannabis Delivery Before Heading Out

Order your cannabis treats in advance to ensure you have choices that will pair nicely with what you choose to do. Will you want more than one type of cannabis treat? Do you need something to enjoy on the waterfront, or perhaps later when you return?

Another reason for planning is discretion. It isn’t legal to smoke cannabis in any public space, business, or while operating a vehicle in Long Beach. Therefore, it may be best to consume before heading out and taking public transportation, a taxi, or a car share.

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Smoke a sativa for a happy, euphoric lift along the Long Beach waterfront.

Let’s Get Active in Long Beach, California


From physical fitness to heart-pumping activities, there are many options in Long Beach.

What goes best with physical activity? If you are going to be active, we would recommend a sativa. An uplifting sativa is good for socializing. It will boost mood and energy levels for a playful day oceanside.

Now that you are fully blitzed, what are some sativa-tinted active adventures in Long Beach California? A ferry ride to Catalina Island for some water activities such as snorkeling and paddle boarding is always a go-to. Or a visit to Bixby Park for free yoga, cardio, or outside exercise equipment for a seaside workout.

Need more options? Try exploring popular attractions like the Aquarium’s shark lagoon, the Queen Mary ship along the waterfront, or the Museum of Latin American Art. In the heat of the day, we also suggest a boardwalk stroll and some retail therapy at some of the local shops at Shoreline Village.


Chill Out with Some Leisurely Options in Long Beach


We recommend an indica strain for a pleasant embodied experience that will ground and center you for a relaxing day.

We like Alamitos Beach for lounging. From laying a blanket on the sand to renting a bike for a slow-paced cycle tour of the area, Alamitos is the perfect place to relax.

You can simply listen to the surf, feel the sand between your toes, and soak up the warmth of the sun. Enjoy a lazy afternoon of reading, listening to a podcast, or enjoying a long afternoon nap.

If you have a dog to walk with, you can go to Rosie’s Dog Beach. For that, we recommend sipping on a cold cannabis drink while strolling with your pup. Be mindful of the local regulations around cannabis consumption. 


Long Beach and the Munchies


If your visit to Long Beach is to experience the local restaurant scene, you are in luck. There are many choices. Whatever you are craving and whatever your preferences, there is an option for you. Long Beach has you covered with gastropubs, Italian cuisine, Asian fusion, and, of course, all kinds of seafood.

When it comes to food, we recommend a few tokes of a good old-fashioned pre roll. Many strains can bring your tastebuds alive. Why not try your hand at pairing terpene profiles with different cuisines? Citrus and lemon profiles with tropical options or earthy herbal options for steak. Don’t be afraid to try your hand as a cannabis sommelier. 

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Simmzy’s Restaurant for craft beer and pizza
  • Padre for Latin food, brunch, the patio, and margaritas
  • Tru Nature Juice Bar for fresh-pressed juices, acai bowls, and smoothies
  • Parker’s Lighthouse for wine, seafood, steak, and live music


Your Guide to a Buzz on the Long Beach Waterfront


From stretching lazily on the sand to delicious eats and water sports, there is no shortage of activity on Long Beach’s waterfront.

Pairing mood, activity, and a specific form of cannabis will make for a pleasant experience. And, there’s no planning necessary. This guide is meant to help make it easy for you to have an enjoyable experience of cannabis, rest, fun, and food.





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