Dab Guide 2021: The Latest Rigs, Nails, and Live Resins

Dab rigs and cannabis concentrates have come a long way. Dab technology is focused on capturing flavour, through temperature and terpene-rich extracts. Here are the latest dab trends for 2021.
July 07, 2021
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Dab guide 2021, spoon with live resin

While people have been creating cannabis extracts for thousands of years, modern dabbing only emerged in the last couple of decades. In a time when you can get pot delivered legally to your door, it’s not surprising that new technology has brought dabbing into the mainstream.

Some people are intimidated by dabbing, and it’s easy to see why. Dabbing takes skill, practice, and a bit of lung power. Not to mention you’ll need a very high tolerance for THC.

Thanks to innovations in dab rigs, nails, and concentrates, dabbing isn’t just for super stoners. Dabbing is now beloved by the masses. Here are some of the most remarkable new technologies revolutionizing dabbing.


The Best Dab Rigs of 2021

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Dab trend for 2021?Temperature control preserves terpene profile

Gone are the days when dabbing meant trying to avoid covering your clothes in sticky resin and then turning a blow torch on it. In recent years, e-rigs have surged in popularity because they are simple, clean, and easy to control. 

There are new e-rig technologies emerging all the time. And many now involve smart technology to enhance your experience. 

The Puffco Peak is a game-changing rig that rightly earned its reputation as one of the best on the market. It heats up in just 20 seconds and has four heat settings ranging from 450 to 600°F.

It uses smart technology to adapt the heating time if the element is already hot, so you get the perfect hit every time. And it even includes subtle haptic and LED feedback, so you know when you’ve hit the ideal temperature.

We also love the Dr. Dabber Switch, which uses induction heating technology to reach temperature in just a few seconds. It’s also a testament to how far battery technology has come, lasting for up to 150 hits and charging in just one hour. 

But the coolest thing about the Switch is that it has settings for concentrates and dry herb, making it the only e-rig you’ll ever need.


The Latest Concentrates: Live Resin and More


Live Resin

Live resin has been making waves among cannabis connoisseurs for the last couple of years. They love it because it retains the complete flavor profile of the bud. How? Live resin is made by flash-freezing fresh flower rather than drying and curing. This process reduces damage to the delicate trichomes and means that live resin contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the live flower.

Live resin comes in different forms including sugar, sap, and budder. And you can get live resin pods for vape pens too. 

Live resin is considered a premium product — and thankfully it’s become much more affordable. No longer reserved for those with cash to splash, you can now get live resin through a fast marijuana delivery service like Instakush.


A concentrate by many names budder, badder, or even straight wax is a creamier THC-rich extract. These soft, whipped concentrates come from premium-flower extractions delivering a tasty yet potent dab.

With a smooth consistency and potency that doesn’t cancel out the flavour, budders are increasingly making their way into stash boxes. We love them because they are a breeze to work with, leaving behind little sticky mess.

When you shop for badder, look at single strain extractions, which will capture the essence of your favorite cultivar. Brands like Stiiizy are doing this best, with flower (not trim) extracted budders in Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, and more.


The Latest Dab Nails


Dab Nail technology has also improved significantly in the last few years. You can choose from titanium, quartz, or ceramic nails, each with its own benefits. Plus, a vast range of e-nails are now available that can be used with e-rigs or with your traditional rig. E-nails are a great way to avoid the hassle of a blowtorch and to control temperature more accurately.

One innovation that we love is thermochromic nails. These nails contain thermochromic glass, which changes color at different temperatures. 

There are a few different ways this can be achieved, but the important thing is that the color change will tell you when your dab is at the perfect temperature. If you’re not ready to switch to an e-rig, but you would like more precision and control over your dab, thermochromic nails are a great choice.

Get Accessories and Pot Delivered To Your Door


The latest dab rigs, nails, and resins are a far cry from the first products that emerged in the early nineties. Together, they offer a full-spectrum, easy-to-control, and discrete experience for all types of weed consumers.

If you want to explore the latest dab technology or try live resin for the first time, it’s never been easier. Most of these products can now be ordered online wherever cannabis is legal. And concentrates, resins, and dab cartridges can be delivered straight to your door. 


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